7 Questions with Donita Sparks of L7


By Ryan Meehan

Last week Stereogum released word that L7 had announced on their website that they would be interested in reuniting with their original lineup.  I immediately jumped on this story and hope others will share the same enthusiasm, as I wore out the cassette tape of “Bricks Are Heavy” to a disturbing degree.  When they weren’t raffling off the chance for a random audience member to have sex with drummer Dee Plakas, they were making a lot of kick ass music that had a ton of attitude to it.  They were by far one of the hardest touring bands of the nineties, and there is no doubt in my mind that they paved the way for a lot of women that wanted to be in bands heavier than fucking Vixen.  I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry for stink so it’s a good goddamned thing that my guest today is L7 frontwoman Donita Sparks.   Continue reading

NFL Week Sixteen Preview


by Ryan Meehan

The next to the last week of the NFL season is here, and before we could even wrap week fifteen up ESPN released news that they have agreed to a deal with broadcaster and former Super Bowl Winning Coach Jon Gruden that will ensure he’ll be in the Monday Night Football booth until 2021.  It will never cease to amaze me that a guy who was such a good coach ended up being such an awful broadcaster.  According to Lil’ Jon Chuckie G, every player who touches the football at any given time should be at the top of everybody’s Pro Bowl ballot.  I’m shocked that a guy who used to be so cut-throat and so critical of his own players has immediately become such a pushover for the league.  I’m a fan of the whole science of how the product is presented as an entertainment product, and I can’t tell you the name of one person I know that’s a fan of him.  Thankfully he’s just on for one night a week, and much to our delight there are several games on this weekend that are going to be killer.  The first one isn’t exactly one of those games, but after that shitstorm synopsis let’s fast forward to the rest of the week and take a look at what we think will go down in week sixteen of the 2014 NFL season.

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7 Questions with Orion of Vesania


by Ryan Meehan

Vesania (Latin for insanity) is a Polish symphonic black metal/blackened death metal band. They were formed in 1997 by Orion, Daray, and Heinrich. Later members were Annahvahr and Hatrah, who left the band in 1999 and was replaced by Siegmar. Their first album, “Moonastray”, was a split with Black Altar, released in 2002 by Odium Records, exclusively in Poland. The release was limited to 666 copies and each album was signed with blood. 2003 saw the release across Europe of their first full length album “Firefrost Arcanum” on Empire Records. This was followed by the departure of band member Annahvahr. Their second album “God the Lux” was released in April, 2005, and shortly thereafter Valeo (Sammath Naur, Mortis Dei) joined the band as lead guitarist. Their third album “Distractive Killusions” was released in 2007 on Napalm Records, from which came their first single “Rage of Reason”.  Their new album “Deus Ex Machina” is now available on Metal Blade Records, and Orion of Vesania as my guest today in 7 questions. Continue reading

NFL Week Fifteen Wrap-Up


by Ryan Meehan

My favorite story from week fifteen would have to be when FOX Sports reported on Friday that former New York Giants backup and chili cheese fries enthusiast Jared Lorenzen sent out some Tweets tagging the Arizona Cardinals and informing them that he could get down to playing weight.  When I told my father this, his first response was “Define ‘playing weight'” and I thought that was a really good point.  Look, I know this won’t materialize but it’s a great story and I so want for it to be true.  It’s not totally out of the question, as some of the other names being tossed around to show up in Glendale and save the day are pretty unlikely choices as well.  I’m sorry, but 43 year old Kurt Warner is not leaving his cushy job at the NFL Network to come out of retirement only to become paralyzed three plays in.  Thankfully there was a lot that did happen between the stripes, and this is what went down in week fifteen in the 2014 NFL season.

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7 Questions with Dave Thomason


by Ryan Meehan

Dave Thomason is a stand-up comedian living in Los Angeles. He has appeared on Adam Devine’s House Party on Comedy Central, and was a finalist in the Comedy Central UP NEXT Competition.  He performs at festivals across the country, including the SF Sketchfest, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival.  Dave’s stand-up has also been featured on NPR’s “Snap Judgment”.   Continue reading