NFL Week Two Wrap-Up

by Ryan Meehan
Now that we’ve been annihilated by the Ray Rice story to the point where our intelligence has been fully insulted, we can finally talk football.  At least that was the plan before news leaked on Friday afternoon of Adrian Peterson beating his son in the genitals with a belt, further proof that just when you think you’ve heard it all NFL players always continue to invent new ways to get into worlds of trouble off the field.  I’m tired of my league turning into TMZ, and I hope the league never goes back to Los Angeles.  But let’s forget about all that for a second and talk football.

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7 Questions with Jack Robichaud


by Ryan Meehan

Jack Robichaud is a comedic actor and writer who has appeared in the films “Dirty Dishes”, “Roshambo”, and “Sick Day”.  Robichaud was one of the “Fresh Faces” at this year’s Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.  He currently lives in Los Angeles and he’s our guest today in 7 questions. Continue reading

7 Questions with Dez Fafara of Devildriver


By Ryan Meehan and Garret Bivens

In his long tenure on the frontline of heavy metal—first as frontman for respected ’90s nü-metal unit Coal Chamber—Dez Fafara has seen and heard it all. But while he doesn’t appear to be on some kind of invented crusade to “save” metal, he’s quite forthcoming with the respect he has for both his bandmates and the artistry they bring blasting through the speakers of the tiniest earbuds to a PA system the size of a Congressional voting district. “There’s a lot of follow-the-leader going on, for sure,” says Fafara.“But I can’t do it all. What I’ve learned about us is that through all of the differences in the things we like, we’ve become a cohesive unit. Everybody can bring their distinct styles, but it still makes it Devildriver.” The band will be playing the now-world-famous Knotfest this upcoming October, and vocalist Dez Fafara is our guest today in 7 questions. Continue reading

NFL Week Two Preview


by Ryan Meehan

Now that week one is in the books, we have had the opportunity to see for the most part what all thirty-two teams are made of. Obviously the big story this past week was Ray Rice getting suspended indefinitely by the NFL after having his contract terminated by the Ravens. Not that this would come as a shock to anybody, but Roger Goddell really screwed this one up. Basically what he was telling everyone by doing this is that you can essentially beat your wife, and as long as there’s no video you’ll get a light punishment. But the second that video comes out, you’re history. I want to hear the explanation as to why the video from inside of the elevator wasn’t released when the first tape came out, and why it all of a sudden became available Monday morning.

But since I’d rather not dwell on that story (you’ve heard plenty on it by this point anyway, I’m sure…) I’ve chosen to really focus on the football that’s going on. It’s not fair to those of us who didn’t kick the shit out of our significant others to have to hear about it, so after the preview for the Thursday Night game you’re probably not going to read any more on that topic here unless something else transpires in that mess. We’ve got some good games on deck, and this is what I expect to go down in week two of the 2014 NFL season. Continue reading

7 Questions with Julian McCollough‏


by Ryan Meehan

Julian McCullough is a very funny young man who has performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, NPR’s This American Life, and starred in his own half hour special on Comedy Central. You can catch him every Saturday as host of TBS’ “Very Funny News” and on MTV2’s hit series Guy Code. He has contributed to countless pop culture talking head shows and has hosted three stand alone specials for VH1. He also has a 2 bedroom apartment, really nice sheets, and he’s our guest today in 7 questions.  Continue reading