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First Order Historians was started by Cal Meacham and Krazy Koz in 2006.  Cal and Koz originally began writing together in 2003 for Last Life Media and then moved on to write together on other online projects.  They grew up on the trailblazing sound of indie rock.  The 80’s and 90’s were a great time to be a budding music fans for the underground scene.  Some call it post hardcore, some call it alternative, but we just call it indie rock.  Short for independent rock, FOH defines it as a group of artists creating art for the sake of art.  We’re not stupid we know that most of the “indie” labels are now signed to distribution deals with the big ones, but as long as the true artistic DIY perspective is there, then we’re happy.  Being from the Midwest allowed us to pull in influences from all 4 corners of the US.  The Seattle and Louisville music scenes with Sub Pop, Quarterstick and Revelation Records had a big impact on our musical appreciation as well as other hotspots.


Cal Meacham

Cal a native Michigander has spent the last 4 years in the south, hiding from the cold.  Often sipping a pint of his favorite stout and watching way too many Korean films you can probably find him ponied up to a bar talking very loudly about how bad the NBA is or how overrated he thinks Terrence Malick is.

Krazy Koz

Just like the Mojave 3 song, Krazy Koz has been gone for far too long. I’ve been lost in the distant land of academics, but I’m still making moves for FOH behind the scenes. Cal and I were the original two writers for FOH and then we got our friends to join in and lend a hand. I’m still hung up on the 90’s indie rock sound and everything that is influenced by it. Books by Palahniuk, movies by Tarantino, and music by Enigk and Kozelek are among my favorites.


Ryan Meehan is a freelance writer that lives in northwestern Illinois.  He is an insufferable asshole and has very little time for anything that requires patience or tolerance.  You’ve been warned.

Coach Ryan

Most people say those who can’t play coach and that couldn’t be more false for this physical specimen. His advanced athleticism could have led to multi million dollar contracts but instead he decided to be a PE teacher to teach others what it is like to be…unstoppable.


Thoughtblocking spent the middle years of his life as a Panda hidden among the overturned cars in an alley way.  The stench of a rotting squirrel under a closed down Rax restaurant dumpster was a better life to him than living in a world where Uwe Boll made movies.  But one day he heard a few people from the upper-crust (or at least they dressed like it with their horn rimmed spectacles, sweater vests and smoking jackets) discussing the works of Terrence Malick and he was excited so excited that he decided it was time to don the proper attire and work a steady job at the corner deli, at the end of the alley way. He has now heavily immersed himself in the works of Malick and Hitchcock but you can still find him gnawing on the occasional bamboo shoot or getting screamed at in a screener for a new Mel Gibson movie.

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