Conversations Not Meant to Be Public: Jahlil Okafor Has A Problem With His Agent

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conversations not meant to be public

By J-Dub and Ryan Meehan

Editor’s Note: This article is a collaborative effort between J-Dub and Ryan Meehan from First Order Historians. Read at your own risk. 

Sometimes, situations threaten to become a train wreck.  Sometimes, situations start as train wreck and only get worse. It’s a fairly safe bet the latter is true when it comes to the current state of relations between former Duke center and current Philadelphia 76er draft pick Jahlil Okafor and his agent.

Think about it.

This poor guy spent all this time between winning the National Championship at Duke and the NBA Draft looking at the likely prospect of becoming a Los Angeles Laker. The whole world had Okafor heading west to don the purple and gold of the Lakers. Now, if you are about to be a center in the NBA, how can you not be completely stoked by that thought?  Not…

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10 Questions with Brandon Wardell


by Ryan Meehan

Brandon Wardell is a Los Angeles based comedian. He started doing stand-up comedy in DC at 17, did it for four years, then moved to LA in 2014.  Wardell is featured on Bob Odenkirk’s album, “Amateur Hour” and later went on tour with him. Brandon also recently opened select dates on Bo Burnham’s Make Happy Tour.  In Los Angeles, Brandon Wardell is a regular at shows including The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail and Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen, as well as venues like UCB and the Hollywood Improv.  In addition to stand-up, he has written pieces for VICE and the Washington Post, raps with his friend Drew Millard under the name Nice Boys (their mixtape “Yeezus” drops this summer), and is available to DJ via Spotify playlists under the name Teen Party.  I am very excited to have Brandon Wardell as my guest today in 10 questions. Continue reading

10 Questions with former U.S. Representative Thaddeus McCotter

El representante republicano Thaddeus McCotter ejecuta una pieza de Chuck Berry en su guitarra Fender Telecaster, decorada con la bandera de Estados Unidos, para el deleite de sus simpatizantes, poco después de anunciar  que buscaría la candidatura presidencial de su partido, durante el Festival de la Libertad WAAM en Whitmore Lake, Míchigan, el sábado 2 de julio de 2011. (AP foto/Lon Horwedel)

by Ryan Meehan

Born in Detroit in 1965, former U.S. Representative Thaddeus McCotter is a self-described “recovering politician, guitar player and househusband”.  First elected in 2002 by the sovereign citizens of Michigan’s 11th Congressional District to serve as their Member of Congress, McCotter always remembered and averred that he had been entrusted with public office to work for them. In 2006 and 2008, McCotter was also honored by his GOP colleagues electing him to serve as the Chair of the House Republican Policy Committee, which at the time was the caucus’ fourth highest leadership position. In 2011, McCotter made a brief Presidential bid and history: he was the first sitting member of Congress (and former member of GOP leadership) seeking the Presidency to be barred from the primary debates.  Since resigning from office in 2012, McCotter has made numerous media appearances, notably the late-night Fox News program Red Eye and WABC’s The John Batchelor Show; and periodically written for The Daily Caller. He is “not now and never will be a lobbyist”; and will never again seek public office.  Nonetheless, we are delighted to have the Hon. Thaddeus McCotter as our guest today in 10 questions. Continue reading

10 Questions with Megan Heyn


by Ryan Meehan

Megan was born in northern California, but her time there was brief. Her family ventured to several states during her youth, including:  Nevada, Maryland, Arizona, and Colorado.  The youngest of three kids, her flare for drama surfaced by age three when she told her parents she wanted to be an actress and refused to appear in public without her pink tutu.  Growing up she was fascinated and inspired by classic films and their actors, especially MGM musicals.  She was probably the only twelve year old who scouted the TV Guide every Sunday to see which movies from AMC she wanted to record and delight in throughout the week.  She even asked for TCM for Christmas because she felt that they had a better choice of Judy Garland, Betty Grable, and Doris Day films. These movies motivated her to get serious about tap dancing and singing, and most of her after school hours were dedicated to lessons and practicing.  Developing her talents turned her into a bonafide “Theatre Geek,” and she graced her high school stage with pride and excitement!  After high-school she left her family in Colorado and moved to Southern California to pursue her life-long love of acting. She attended University of CA, Irvine where she studied acting and musical theatre.  Within 3 years she graduated and headed up to LA to start a TV/Film career. Once in LA, she began to perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCB), mainly in there musical shows, specifically Matt Besser’s show “The Freak Dance.” “Freak Dance” has since become an indie feature film.  She also wrote/produced her own web series “Hollywood Taffy.” Once she became more seasoned she began appearing on TV in several Guest Starring roles.  She is still performing at UCB and grateful to be living her dreams in the city of Angels, and she’s also my guest today in 10 questions.  Continue reading

7 Questions with Brett Netson of Built To Spill

Photo by Alex Hecht

Photo by Alex Hecht

By Ryan Meehan

If you had the pleasure of checking out Built to Spill at Daytrotter’s Moeller Mondays back in the beginning of June, you know that the band hasn’t lost touch with the signature guitar-driven alternative rock sound that we all came to know and love in the nineties.  One of the key elements to that audio assault of sonic delight is guitarist Brett Netson, who is additionally involved with several other musical endeavors.  He played guitar on the most recent Earth album “Primitive and Deadly”, and while I wouldn’t exactly call it primitive it most certainly is the latter of the two respective terms.  He’s also the mastermind behind Brett Netson and Snakes, the aptly named band whose most recent EP “Scavenger Cult” is – as the kids would say – pretty fucking sick.  Make sure to check out Built to Spill on tour everywhere this summer supporting their new record “Untethered Moon”, which makes a stop at the Codfish Hollow in Maquoketa on September 12th.  We are absolutely honored to have guitarist Brett Netson as our guest today in 7 questions. Continue reading