10 Questions with Josh Zuckerman


by Ryan Meehan

Actor Josh Zuckerman has had quite an eclectic career in both television and film, playing everything from a sex-crazed virgin to a serial killer. He’s currently starring in The CW’s new series, “Significant Mother”, about a man who discovers his best friend is sleeping with his mother. The series is set to premiere on August 3, 2015. Josh also recently wrapped the dark comedy “Mind Puppets” with Vinnie Jones and was last seen in the independent drama “Field of Lost Shoes” alongside Lauren Holly, Jason Isaacs and David Arquette. The latter film was based on a true story from the Civil War era about a group of teenage cadets who must confront the horrors of an adult world. Zuckerman also starred in the feature film “CBGB”, the story of the famous nightclub in the role of “John Holmstrom”, the founder of Punk Magazine. Alan Rickman, Malin Akerman and Justin Bartha also co-starred. He is still widely recognized from his leading role in Summit’s “Sex Drive” opposite James Marsden, where he played a young man setting out on a road trip with the intention of losing his virginity, but instead he falls in love with his best female friend. Additionally, female fans remember him as the nerdy boyfriend of AnnaLynne McCord on “Beverly Hills 90210” and as the notorious Wysteria Lane Strangler on “Desperate Housewives”. Prior film work includes “Lions for Lambs” for director Robert Redford as one of Andrew Garfield’s college companions, Mark Webber’s obnoxious best friend in Ethan Hawke’s “The Hottest State”, the wheelchair bound brother of Balthazar Getty in the cult film “Feast” and the “brother” of Ben Affleck in Dreamworks’ “Surviving Christmas”. Don’t forget to check out “Significant Mother” Monday Nights this fall on The CW, and get to know Josh a little better right now as he’s my guest today in 10 Questions. Continue reading

RIP, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

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Fantastic piece on the amazing life of wrestling legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper as written by @Dubsism

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roddy piper with belt

There’s a lot of guys who would be in the Dubsism Hall of Fame; a Hall dedicated to guys who I thought were the personification of the values we respect here at Dubsism. Sure, it’s more about people we liked for one reason or another, but if it’s our Hall, we get to do what we want with it.

An easy way to tell who would be candidates for just such a Hall would be to look at the guys for whom I’ve written impassioned eulogies.  Regular readers of this blog will note Joe Paterno’s absence from that list; that’s because his tribute came in a complete and honest assessment of the Penn State scandal which ended his career.

But, I digress.

The world lost another Hall of Fame guy with the passing of Roderick George Toombs…the birth name of wrestling legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

Toombs came to this…

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The Dubsism Breakdown of the Colin Cowherd Firing

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Dubsism’s killer take on the Colin Cowherd firing

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colin cowherd

At last, our long national nightmare is over. The glorified windbag known as Colin Cowherd is finally off the American airwaves.  This past Friday, ESPN announced Cowherd’s days at the World Wide Bottom Feeder were over after he finally crossed the “bigot” line with his exceptionally obtuse comments about Dominicans he made on Thursday.

This story evolved over two days, which explains why at first, the boys in Bristol started by slow-playing this on Friday.

“Some of Colin’s comments yesterday referencing the Dominican Republic were inappropriate and do not reflect ESPN’s values of respect for all communities. Colin’s on air response today addressed the importance of making sure his opinions are fact based and responsible for all people.”

That was a nice try, but the explosion which happened on social media told us all this was headed for an altogether different place. The “on air response”  ESPN referred to was…

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10 Questions with Sean Yseult of White Zombie


by Ryan Meehan

New Orleans resident and musician Sean Yseult is probably best known for her tenure in the industrial metal outfit White Zombie, but there’s a lot more to the artist than the band which made her famous. In December of 2010 Yseult released “I’m in the Band: Backstage Notes from the Chick in White Zombie”, a collection of tour diaries and personal photos chronicling the life and times of the group that skyrocketed to the top of the metal world in the mid-nineties. Since then she’s kept busy by doing a ton of photography work, as well as a brief stint as bassist of The Cramps, and currently plays with two bands: Rock City Morgue and Star & Dagger. I am very excited to have Sean Yseult as my guest today in 10 questions. Continue reading

10 Questions with Jo Firestone


by Ryan Meehan

Jo Firestone is a comedian and producer based in Brooklyn, New York.  She creates and hosts several live shows around the city that usually fall under the genres of “low-brow” “recurring” “Brooklyn events”.  Jo performs stand-up throughout the city, and you can listen to her every Monday night from 7 to 8 PM EST hosting Dr. Gameshow on WFMU.  We are delighted to have Jo Firestone as our guest today in 10 questions. Continue reading