7 Questions with Randy Liedtke


by Ryan Meehan

Originally from the beautiful state of Oregon, Randy Liedtke is a Los Angeles based standup comedian, actor, and writer. He has a podcast called the Bone Zone with fellow comedian Brendon Walsh on the All Things Comedy network. You may have seen him on the IFC series “Maron”, heard his voice on Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time”, or seen his stand up on this season of “Last Comic Standing” on NBC. He was named one of Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch of 2013, was chosen for the “New Faces” showcase at the Just for Laughs Festival in 2014, and will be performing stand up on the upcoming Season 2 of Adam Devine’s House Party on Comedy Central. Additionally, he’s my guest today in 7 questions. Continue reading

Live Review: Meth and Goats @ Rozz-Tox Rock Island, IL 08/29/14‏‏‏


By Ryan Meehan

The older I get, the more I am cautious of taking things for granted. Nowadays we all have so many things going on at once, it’s easy to miss the aspects of life that we just assume will always be around. The other day I was thinking about it because I was standing on my deck and noticed how close the power lines were to my house. I sat there and thought about how at one point in time, somebody had to put each and every one of those giant toothpicks up one by one and connect them with electrical wire that could fucking kill them at any given second. And to think that we just assume that it’s supposed to work flawlessly ever since the time that happened, God forbid the cable goes out and we miss an episode of “Pawn Stars” that will be only re-air a maximum of sixteen times over the next five days. Continue reading

7 Questions with Alex Nussbaum


by Ryan Meehan

Alex Nussbaum has been nominated as Best Male Comedian at the Canadian Comedy Awards and was chosen as Best Comedy Show of the Year in Toronto’s NOW Magazine. His standup has been seen on Comedy Now @ CTV and Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival @ CBC, and his comedy album, Absolutely Free!*, is in regular rotation on Sirius XM satellite radio.  Recently, he’s provided a couple dozen voices for MGM’s Pink Panther and Pals cartoon on the Cartoon Network. He’s written and drawn on a number of animated shows on Teletoon and the Cartoon Network as well (listed on IMDB, if fact-checking’s your thing).  We are delighted to have him as our guest today in 7 questions.     Continue reading

The Official Meehan 2014-2015 NFL Playoff Preview‏‏‏


by Ryan Meehan

Now that I’ve done my regular season predictions, it’s time to check out what will happen during the most important part of the season – the playoffs. This year I believe we won’t see very many fresh franchises in the NFL postseason. Everybody who will go this year will have been there recently, the only thing that I believe will be different will be the seeding. Here’s how I have everyone ranked at the end of the regular season. Continue reading

7 Questions with Andrew D’Cagna of Brimstone Coven


by Ryan Meehan

Brimstone Coven is a retro-hard rock / doom band that hails of out Wheeling, WV. They began brewing their own blend of “dark occult rock” in the early months of 2011. Corey Roth (Guitarist) wrote the first five songs, which would later become the band’s self titled album. Roth went on to handpick three seasoned musicians from the local scene. Andrew D’Cagna (Bass), Justin Wood (Drums), and “Big John” Williams (Vocals) were recruited to carry out Roth’s plan for sonic domination. Echoing the eerie reverberations of hard rock heavyweights such as Black Sabbath and Pentagram, mixed with the classic rock style of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, Brimstone Coven strive to preserve a vintage rock sound mixed with a style all their own. After many shows, one album, the band added new drummer Dan Hercules, released their second album, simply titled “II”, which was released in November of 2013, and signed with Metal Blade Records! Since signing with Metal Blade, original drummer Justin Wood has returned to the fold and has rounded out the seminal chemistry the band had been looking for. Metal Blade Records will begin their new partnership with Brimstone Coven by releasing the band’s latest album combined with their debut EP, complete with new mastering and brand new artwork. Artwork was completed by Creighton, the same mind behind the band’s first two releases. The newly packaged and mastered set 17 tracks will serve as a solid introduction to Brimstone Coven for new fans. On August 5, the album will be available digitally and physically in North America. Andrew D’Cagna provides the thunderous low end of the soundtrack to their lives, and we’re honored to have him as our guest today in 7 questions. Continue reading