‘Draft Day’ Review

By Coach Ryan,

If you follow anything I’ve written for the past couple years then it will come as no surprise that I’m a Cleveland fan who tends to get especially fired up for the Browns and Indians. Unfortunately, as far as the Browns go there hasn’t been a whole lot to be excited about in the past 20 years or so, which is probably the biggest reason Browns fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of ‘Draft Day.’ As far as movie history is concerned, Cleveland hasn’t exactly been Hollywood east and with the exception of ‘Major League’ tends to get left out of the spotlight. Kind of like most other things in northeastern Ohio. Continue reading

2014 Cleveland Indians Season Preview (Part 3 of 3: The X Factors)

By Coach Ryan

Going into the 2014 season seems to carry with it the same feelings of doubt and skepticism that went into last season. The pitching staff is young and unproven while the lineup lacks pop, and is hoping that older players will find be able to bounce back from miserable seasons. Looking at the Indians doesn’t seem to bring much hope on paper, yet last year essentially this same group of players managed 92 wins, a spot in the postseason, and finished only one game behind the Tigers. What is it that the Indians possess that could make all that possible again and will it? Let’s take a look at what magical ingredients could turn this team from 90 losses to 90 wins in part 3 of the 2014 Cleveland Indians Preview: The X-Factors. Continue reading

2014 Cleveland Indians Season Preview (Part 2 of 3: The Lineup)

By Coach Ryan

One of the most remarkable parts about the 2013 Cleveland Indians is how they managed to have such a strong record without having amazing hitting or pitching. I’m not saying the Tribe didn’t have good numbers but they really didn’t have that “oh no here comes ______ to the plate” type player. The Indians relied on key moments from every possible player, from Jason Kipnis to Jason Giambi there was a different hero every night. As  non-intimidating as the Indians hitters appeared to be they did exactly what they were supposed to, beat the teams they were better than. What hurt them in the end was how they fared against the top tier teams. The best example of this can be summed up looking at their record against the White Sox (17-2) vs. their record against the Tigers (4-15). Much like the pitching staff the Tribe’s brass didn’t feel the need to completely retool the batting lineup, adding only a few sabermetric players like David Murphy and Jeff Francoeur while extending one of their best players in Michael Brantely. Even without bringing in the big splash hitter the Indians still have some interesting options and story lines going into this season (especially at third base). Let’s break down the lineup and check out some of the story lines across the field in part 2 of the 2014 Indians Preview. Continue reading

2014 Cleveland Indians Season Preview (Part 1 of 3: Pitching)

By Coach Ryan

2013 was a magical season for Chief Wahoo’s Tribe up in Cleveland that unfortunately ended all too suddenly in their one game playoff loss to the Rays. Since then, fans in Cleveland had been hoping for another off season like 2012 that produced players like Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn to beef up the roster. However, the Indians stayed mostly quiet on the free agent market only bringing in players like David Murphy and John Axford to compliment the already existing roster. Although the batting lineup will look very similiar a lot of questions center around Cleveland’s pitching staff due to losing so many key pieces without bringing in new talent.  In their defense when there’s teams handing out record deals to second basemen and giving under performing pitchers like Ubaldo Jimenez $50 million contracts it’s hard to make a big splash in free agency, especially with starting pitching. This year the Tribe is bringing primarily the same lineup to bat along with a young, inexperienced rotation to the mound, but will it be enough? Spring Training is officially underway and nobody is more excited than I am about the upcoming season. This year I’d like to bring you a three part series examining different parts of this Indians team, up first are the pitchers.

Continue reading

An Interesting View on the 2014 Final Four

By Coach Ryan

Every sports fan has been there. You watch your favorite team all year listening to your home town announcers and then if you’re lucky your team makes it to the playoffs or maybe even a championship. The only problem is once your team gets there you are stuck with the Joe Bucks of the world over the broadcasting team you have been watching for the past six months. I can still remember watching the Cleveland Indians during the playoffs with my grandfather and him muting the audio so he could listen to our local radio announcer. If you are a major fan of a team you feel like you build a relationship with your broadcasters only to be stripped away from them when you need them most because let’s be honest nobody knows your team better than they do. But what if that was about to change? Continue reading