Shugo Tokumaru – In Focus


FOH favorite Shugo Tokumaru’s fifth album In Focus? will be released worldwide by Polyvinyl on January 22nd, 2013.

From Polyvinyl:

For the first half of 2012, Tokumaru locked himself inside his home studio while working on In Focus?, often forgetting to eat and sleep for long stretches of time while crafting the record’s 15 songs — each of which contains an average of 20 instruments and hundreds of recorded parts that are meticulously mixed together to create a single, cohesive track.

As a result of this extreme care and attention to detail, In Focus? — despite its title — represents the clearest manifestation of Tokumaru’s multifaceted musical vision to date. From slow building album opener “Circle”‘s perfect transition into standout track “Katachi,” to lead single “Decorate” and the beautifully delicate acoustic ballad “Tightrope,” it’s clear that Tokumaru has again succeeded in writing universal melodies while singing in his native Japanese.

Listen to the first single Decorate:

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