Actor Roberto Aguire

by Ryan Meehan

It all started when actor Roberto Aguire made the decision to attend the prestigious Tisch School of Arts at New York University. He chose NYU because it offered the opportunity to have a conservatory style training in acting alongside a very well rounded liberal arts education. While at Tisch, Roberto spent his first three years there developing the skills the school believed were vital for a well-rounded actor to have –from ballet to singing, and improv to dialect training. He describes the experience as going to prolonged therapy, explaining, “Everyday you’re learning more about yourself and how you behave in a crazy emotional journey in which you get pushed to every single limit possible. Some days you laugh, some days you cry, some days you get confused and question everything you stand for, but the one constant is an unwavering passion you have to grow and succeed as an actor.”  The training paid off. After graduating, Roberto moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a professional actor. Unlike many green actors, he soon was taking meetings with managers, agents and producers. He solidified his team and began networking and meeting moviemakers. With a positive attitude, an impressive degree, sheer talent, and an instant chemistry with the film’s director, Roberto quickly landed a role in Chris Colfer’s (Glee) debut film, “Struck By Lightning.” In the film, Roberto plays Emillio, the school’s resident foreign exchange student from El Salvador and consequently, a die-hard womanizer. When we see him at the beginning of the movie, he is really living the life, but there is a surprise twist at the end—and it’s funny. In addition to his acting role in the film, Roberto earned his first major producing credit in “Struck By Lightning.” It was the perfect opportunity for him to get hands on experience as a filmmaker by completely immersing himself in every part of the movie making process. This unique experience gave Roberto another vantage point from which to enhance his own personal abilities as an actor.  “Struck by Lightning” screened at the Tribeca Film Festival this past spring and is set for release this January 2013, and Roberto Aguire is our guest today in 5 Questions. Continue reading