Best of 2012: Beer


By: Cal Meacham

By all accounts 2012 was the year of craft beer as it exploded into the limelight.  Mostly considered a beer snob or specialized industry reserved for elitists who talk about beer like it is the holy nectar of the gods (trust me it is!), craft beer started to gain some major respect from casual drinkers.  People willing to put down their preconceived notions of the beverage and branch out from their standard Miller products.

Here in Orlando, we saw the opening of the incredible new Red Light Red Light which pulled in new customers and dropped some of the major deterrents of the old location (bad vibe for non beer heads, bad location, etc.).  We also saw Cigar City (out of Tampa) move their staple brands on to a brand new canning line which allows us  beer lovers to take CCB to the beach!

Elsewhere, Michigan continued its foothold in the beer community with the crowning of Grand Rapids as co-beer city U.S.A.  Their beer bar Hopcat was named the #3 Best Beer Bar on The Planet by Beer Advocate and growth continues around the state.  It furthers the idea that people are ready to set down the swill and drank with joy.

So here I am to do my part and submit to you my favorite Beers of the year!  Cheers!

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