Best of 2012: Sports

Best of CR

By Coach Ryan,

Every year as Father Time brings us to a new year we look back at the movies, music, pop culture, and sports that made the past year special. Sports like many of these things in life have the ability to bring us the ultimate highs and agonizing lows, the difference with sports moments is unlike most other things they have the ability to actually bring us out of our seats cheering, leave us crying, or can make us so angry that we can break or burn things that in the past held dear to us (for the record I’d burn LeBron’s jersey again if I could). 2012 like years past have given us dozens of amazing and terrible moments but I am going to do my best to narrow down the list to the ten best moments that captivated us over the past year. To put a small twist on it I am not honoring any team that won a championship in their respected league (i.e. the NY Giants, Heat, Kings, or the SF Giants). Sorry but every year a sport is played a championship is handed out and therefore a professional sports team can not make my “Best of” list. Let’s all get this sorted out in Coach Ryan’s first ever Best Sports Moments of the Year! Continue reading