Austin musician Dustin Welch

Austin musician Dustin Welch

By Ryan Meehan

Austin-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dustin Welch is set to release his second album, “Tijuana Bible”, on February 12, 2013 via his own Super Rooster Records. Like “Whisky Priest” before it, “Tijuana Bible” finds the Nashville-born Welch playing the part of a wickedly mysterious carnival barker, bouncing strains of Americana, rock, and folk music off of each other like a hall of funhouse mirrors. His lyrics are similarly multifaceted, reflecting literary influences ranging from American gothic to gritty pulp fiction and themes both sacred and profane. Welch calls Whisky Priest and Tijuana Bible (named after the hand-drawn pornographic pamphlets that were passed around in Depression-era work camps) the first two parts of a projected trilogy. Although the songs are neither overtly religious nor linked to each other as part of a conceptual story, many of them do share a sense of desperation-hardened fortitude — along with hints of mono-mythic mysticism. Dustin Welch is sure to become a household name, and he’s our guest today in 5 questions. Continue reading

Movie To Watch For: Soshite Chichi ni Naru


By Cal Meacham

From director Hirokazu Koreeda (of FOH favorite Still Walking) comes a new family drama Soshite Chichi ni Naru (“And Then I Become A Father), that is sure to astound.  Actor and songwriter Fukuyama Masaharu  stars as Nonomiya Ryota, an egotistic, money driven man who encounters potential big changes when he finds out that he had unwittingly raised someone else’s son for the past 6 years because his own son was accidentally switched with someone else’s at birth.

The movie is scheduled to be released in October and there is a good chance that it will make an appearance at this years Toronto International Film Festival.  We will update you with the official North American release date when it is made available, but for now check out Still Walking.

Preview for Still Walking (watch this movie already!!!!)


Kyle Kinane's "Whiskey Icarus"

Kyle Kinane’s “Whiskey Icarus”

by Ryan Meehan
On November 24th of last year Kyle Kinane’s first one hour stand-up special “Whiskey Icarus” premiered on Comedy Central, and on Tuesday, January 29th the extended CD/DVD will be released on Comedy Central Records.  Continue reading


The Residents (illustration by Dennis Hockaday)

The Residents (illustration by Dennis Hockaday)

by Tony Armes and Ryan Meehan

The Residents have been creating their multifaceted brand of avant-garde for more than four decades without ever disclosing the identities of the group. Their given early history would have the members moving from Louisiana to California in the 60’s where they began working with Phil Lithman (Snakefinger) and their mysterious mentor N. Senada.  Although their albums, videos, and innovations have been many, The Residents remain mysterious and it is only recently that we find the names Chuck, Randy, and Bob associated with the Residents.  And we are proud to have Randy Rose of The Residents as our guest today in 5 Questions. Continue reading


Ray Lewis celebrates a fantastic AFC plaoff run

Ray Lewis celebrates a fantastic AFC playoff run

by Ryan Meehan
Championship weekend gave us the opportunity to kick back and relax and watch some football.  At the end of the day, we would be rewarded with the knowledge of who would get to represent each conference in Super Bowl XLVII.    Continue reading