Hyde Park on Hudson (2012) – Review

Hyde Park on Hudson

Hyde Park on Hudson cannot be compared to other historical films of recent years. Though King George makes an appearance, he is not as grave as portrayed in The King’s Speech. Compared to Lincoln, this film feels very down-to-earth and light-hearted, even trivial. But sometimes a light-hearted look at history is just as important as the epic. Hyde Park on Hudson looks at the good and bad characteristics of FDR during the events of the British Royal Family’s first visit the the United States. Quite different from other historical films, however, the events here are not viewed from the eyes of the omnipresent everyman but from Daisy, one of FDR’s many mistresses.

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Florida Film Festival Review: Monsieur Lazhar

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Monsieur Lazhar

Today, you work with kids like with radioactive waste. Hands off or you’ll get burned!

– Gaston

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film this year (and rightly so!), Monsieur Lazhar tells the deceptively simple story of a substitute teacher who takes over teaching for an elementary school class after their teacher hangs herself… in her classroom, during recess. Continue reading

Florida Film Festival Review: KID-THING

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Sydney Aguirre as Annie, from KID-THING

The only reason they love you is because you’re a source of food.

– Annie

The Zellner brothers’ latest film, KID-THING, is set in depressed rural Texas and told through the naïve and lonely eyes of 10-year-old troublemaker Annie. Continue reading

Florida Film Festival Recap

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The Florida Film Festival wrapped up at the Enzian in Winter Park, Florida on 22 April after 10 days showing 160 cutting-edge independent and foreign films and shorts from the last year.

First Order Historian Diars M managed to watch 14 features during the festival. Below is a list of the films he watched, with ratings (out of 4) for those which will not be reviewed. Look forward to the upcoming reviews in the coming week. Continue reading