“I’m coming Home”


“I’m coming home.” The last sentence of a letter that may be the most powerful thing written for my home city of Cleveland. In a shocking and completely unprecedented move, LeBron James is returning home to the Cleveland Cavaliers. People outside of the Northeastern Ohio area may be happy with him returning to the Cavs, but for us that letter meant more than getting any player or winning any game. Continue reading

Coach Ryan’s Cleveland Browns Draft Wish List

Well folks it only took too many months and it’s still on a Thursday (you can read my disgust for that here) but it’s officially the NFL Draft. The way I see it there’s three different players I’d like to see the Browns take at 4 & 26 (in no particular order and assuming that Clowney is gone, which he should be). With the 4th pick in the NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select:

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Stop Ruining the NFL Draft

By Coach Ryan,

It is almost time for the day that NFL Fanatics can’t wait for, “The NFL Draft.” Although the draft may be one of the most over hyped days of the year in the sporting world it does make for fun TV, or at least it used to. In a case of getting too big for their britches, the NFL has taken what was once a great offseason celebration and turned into a late night, late spring, let’s try to get every last ounce of ratings affair. I’m sure the NFL shows initial higher ratings for the top 5 picks but after that, who really cares? On behalf of NFL fans everywhere I ask you Mr. Goodell to PLEASE fix the NFL Draft!

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‘Draft Day’ Review

By Coach Ryan,

If you follow anything I’ve written for the past couple years then it will come as no surprise that I’m a Cleveland fan who tends to get especially fired up for the Browns and Indians. Unfortunately, as far as the Browns go there hasn’t been a whole lot to be excited about in the past 20 years or so, which is probably the biggest reason Browns fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of ‘Draft Day.’ As far as movie history is concerned, Cleveland hasn’t exactly been Hollywood east and with the exception of ‘Major League’ tends to get left out of the spotlight. Kind of like most other things in northeastern Ohio. Continue reading

2014 Cleveland Indians Season Preview (Part 3 of 3: The X Factors)

By Coach Ryan

Going into the 2014 season seems to carry with it the same feelings of doubt and skepticism that went into last season. The pitching staff is young and unproven while the lineup lacks pop, and is hoping that older players will find be able to bounce back from miserable seasons. Looking at the Indians doesn’t seem to bring much hope on paper, yet last year essentially this same group of players managed 92 wins, a spot in the postseason, and finished only one game behind the Tigers. What is it that the Indians possess that could make all that possible again and will it? Let’s take a look at what magical ingredients could turn this team from 90 losses to 90 wins in part 3 of the 2014 Cleveland Indians Preview: The X-Factors. Continue reading